Star Maiden Kit

'Star Maiden' is the second Shawl in the 'Maiden' Series of shawls Michelle Miller, The Fickle Knitter, and I are doing together.

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LIMITED EDITION - Only 50 Kits Available

Each kit includes:

• 'Star Maiden' Pattern Designed by Michelle Miller
• 2 Skeins of "STARRI" Yarn - 75% Wool & 25% Nylon. Get more details on Starri on our Yarnie FAQs page
• Stitch Marker Necklace Custom Made by Clair Thorley of Purple Gecko Studio
• 1 Silver Organza Project Bag
• Gift Tin with Window
• A mini skein of one of our other yarns.

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OPTION 1 - PIck one of the Star Maiden Colourways below. These colour ways are named after the 12 Star Maidens. More on the Star Maidens at the bottom of the page.
OPTION 2 - Pick Your Own Colours. You can chose two skeins of the same colour, or mix and match whatever colours you like.
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STITCH MARKER NECKLACE - Clair makes each necklace unique. No two alike - similar but never the same. I love that you can still wear this necklace even when you are using the coloured stitch markers. You can buy extra sets of Stitch Markers from Clair at Purple Gecko Studio and switch them up as your mood suits. Add your own stitch markers to the lobster claws - added a Prayer Wheel on mine this weekend and I LOVE it!
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COLOUR CHOICE - If you would like to choose either a colour (the coloured beads are the stitch markers) or a focal bead (the big themed bead on the bottom) let us know your preference. As there are only 50 kits, I'm happy to work with you to get your first and best choice.
AVAILABLE NECKLACES: These are the necklaces currently available. Add your choice as a note to your order. If no note is added, I will choose a necklace that works with your yarn choice. More Necklaces will be photographed as soon as Clair has finished doing her magic.

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The Star Maidens

Stories of Maidens are prevalent throughout our human history. They are depicted as beautiful, smart, seductive and also innocent. Many cultures have a myth of Maidens, from Buddhist, Greek, Aboriginal, Native American, Celtic and Norse, African. The Star Maidens are known across most cultures and are commonly known as the Pleiades by their Greek Astronomical name.

I found Star Maiden stories in every culture, and every story was a variation of the same basic myth. Seven or Nine or Twelve Maidens, they either come to earth from the heavens and take human lovers, uniting earth to the sky and fate. In other myths they are innocent maidens on earth that are elevated to the heavens and become Star Maidens.For this kit I have chosen the Native American Myth of the Star Maidens. There were twelve maidens but the most common myth is about one of the Star Maidens who leaves the heavens and comes to earth.

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October 26-27, 2013
Knit City,
Vancouver, Canada.

Thanks to everyone who dropped by to say hello at KNIT CITY in Vancouver. It was a fabulous show. I was thrilled to meet so many of you.

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Raventwist is new on the fibre circuit but I have been selling my hand-dyed products for the last five years as Rocky Mountain Dyeworks. Raventwist was created while I was recuperating from a broken pelvis earlier this year. Working on a short story that included a pennannular pin of a celtic braid with a raven (the pin still features in the story), one idea led to another, and Raventwist was born.

I mostly dye yarn & spinning fibre, some rug hooking wool and a few hundred silk scarves a year. The silk scarves are sold through a sister company, Rocky Mountain Wildrags, and are bought almost exclusively by cowboys!
“Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.”
Rabindranath Tagore, Stray Birds
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I love this yarn. It makes me so happy. Look at that red. Looks fab with my fur.

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- Fu, 15 year old Siamese cat, sent via Tweety

My kinda' pettin'. I could pet this stuff all day long!

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-Sandy, yarn hoarder, sent via ravelry

LURV your yarns. I feel so content carrying around a skein when I'm feeling unloved. Its comfort yarn.

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-CashFlash, 3 year old mixed-breed mutt, posted on Facebook

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